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High performance membrane for seawater desalting


Designed and engineered to meet your most demanding desalination needs


High temperature, high rejection performance in a high surface area membrane


Designed to offer the perfect combination of high flow, and superior salt and boron rejection with low operating pressures. The first choice in seawater desalination

Hydranautics has over two decades of experience in desalination and over 1.27 million cubic meters (337 MGD) per day of seawater treated by their SWC (seawater composite) membranes. With more installed capacity than any other competitor, the SWC membrane provides unparalleled and consistent operating performance.

SWC seawater desalination membranes range from high productivity 8-inch and 4-inch elements, all offering the highest levels of salt rejection and a consistently pure end product. Membrane formulations are designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinities worldwide with reliable field-proven performance.